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I'm Sadie. I'm 20. I think I'm pretty interesting. You'll mostly find posts about: Harry Potter. Glee. Weeds. Disney. My boyfriend. Mermaids.
Dec 7 '11

dudeshillout asked:

my name is sadie too!

I’ve never met another Sadie! I love the name.

Dec 7 '11

I’ve been catching old episodes of Friends & they are funny. I never really watched it before. If only they were on Netflix.

Nov 9 '11

totally made me cry.

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Oct 18 '11

so I was shopping at Walmart..

&& Captain Jack Sparrow walks past me cursing at a cart in his way. My day has been made :)

Oct 15 '11



Oct 8 '11

got a nice package alright

guess I’m gonna have to ride it tonight.

Oct 6 '11
Oct 5 '11

over you.

Oct 5 '11
Sep 22 '11
Spiderdog <3

Spiderdog <3

Sep 22 '11
LOVE &lt;3